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You have stumbled upon a web page that has not been updated in ages, since 1995 or so. By now I sure hope that SGI has better dial-up networking that this silly cruft isn't needed any more. However, since it still seems to be referenced here and there, I'm keeping it available. Were I to do this now it would probably be about ten lines of perl. But, perl not being nearly as available back then.... Besides, it makes me feel old.


Blip is a script that I wrote to make a connection to the Northwestern modem pool. It gets around the fact that NU dynamically assigns IP addresses on the fly, saving you the trouble of ifconfig'ing the connection manually.

It was also written to allow others (most specifically my roommate) to make a connection without my help, hence the 'gui.'

Pick the appropriate version below:

Blip for IRIX 5.3

Blip for IRIX 5.2


To use Blip, you will need both the general script and the Blip Blurb (which is used by the "Main Menu" of Blip.) Blipd only runs with Blip 5.3.2.

This all assumes that you have some working form of slip, and just need to do some tweeking, If this isn't the case, I strongly suggest you check out http://reality.sgi.com/employees/scotth/dialup-support.html.