GPG/PGP Introduction, GSLUG 2003

At the October 2003 GSLUG (Greater Seattle Linux Users Group) meeting I gave a talk about PGP / GnuPG encryption, and covered the fundamentals:

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to make a pretty MagicPoint presentation, and instead did the whole presentation off the cuff on my laptop. However, I did have script make a copy of all my keystrokes, down to the very last typo.

So, if you want to relive the moment, download the GPGGUY and GPGGAL scripts and timing files and replay them, as if you're right there!

The gug{guy,gal}.timing.realtime timing files are the originals - when I was talking and not typing, you'll get to sit back and watch nothing happen on the screen for 5 minutes or more.

The gpg{guy,gal}.timing timing files have been modified such that no delay of more than 1 second occurs, and interactive characters have been shortened to 0.005 seconds, regardless of the original timing.

To 'play' these, download them and use replay, for example:

 xterm1$ replay gpgguy.timing gpgguy.typescript

 xterm2$ replay gpggal.timing gpggal.typescript
Enjoy, and don't harp on my spelling and typos...
Everything herein is Copyright 2003, Bri Hatch of Onsight, Inc.

The presentation was created using /usr/bin/script -t 2>timingfile, and the timing files modified with this quick and ugly perl hack:

#!/usr/bin/perl -n -i.bak
my($timing, $chars) = split;
if ( $chars == 1 ) {
        $timing = "0.000500";
} elsif ( $timing > 1 ) {
	$timing = '1.000000';
print "$timing $chars\n";