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Below are recent presentations I've given, in reverse cronological order. If you're interested in having me present at your organization/function/etc, just drop me a line. And I'm always available for Security and Linux consulting...

SSH Login Automation, Tunneling, Authprogs, and More
I'm presenting this at SeaGL 2013. Looking forward to this new Linux/Open Source conference. See http://seagl.org for more information.

Linux Fest Northwest Talks
I have two talks at Linux Fest Northwest this year, Network Protocols Illuminated and Shell Scripting from Scratch. After a long stretch of minimal speaking engagements (limiting myself to the occasional GSLUG lightening talk) it was a pleasure to be back at LFNW and see throngs of Linux veterans and new folk alike.

The Command line is for Everyone
An attempt to dispell the "only uber-hax0rs can understand the command line" myth, this talk from Linux Fest Northwest shows how the command line works - arguments, redirection, etc - to remove the mystery and lead you down the trail to real power. Muahahaha.

Linux Security Overview, Redux
I recycled my talk from ISSA for TacLUG, condensing the 2.25 hour talk into about 1 hour. Many slides were summarized, skipped, or at least overlooked.

Practical SSH Encryption, Tunneling, and Automation
A 1 hour presentation I gave at LinuxFest Northwest this year. I don't think I should have called it 'practical' because really it covers more of the essoteric and bizzare hackish things you can (and should) do with SSH.

Perl Security Overview
A 2 hour presentation (written in the same amount of time) I gave at the November Seattle Perl Users Group. Overview of common problems and pitfalls when developing in Perl.

File Integrity Checking with AIDE
Jeremy Reed and I tag-teamed this talk. My sections are available here.

GnuPG/PGP Encryption
A 1 hour presentation at GSLUG overviewing how PGP works, how to create, exchange, and verify keys, and how to sign and/or encrypt files.

Covert Channels
A 1 hour presentation at SecureWorld Expo discussing various nefarious ways to communicate covertly, from steganography, SSH and SSL forwarding, to application tunneling such as TCP over HTTP or IP over DNS.

Crypto Tunnels with SSH and SSL
A 1 hour presentation at GSLUG (Greater Seattle Linux User Group) covering how to use SSH tunneling (LocalForward / RemoteForward) and SSL tunneling (using Stunnel) to protect your cleartext protocols.

Linux Security Overview
A 2 hour presentation at ISSA Puget Sound in July, 2003. Covers Bastille Linux (basic), identifiying and locking down services manually (intermediate) and the kernel-level security (advanced) with traditional root, capabilities, LIDS, and Systrace.

VPNs and Crypto Tunnels

A talk about various VPN technologies and cryptographic Tunnels available on Linux, presented at Real World Linux in April 2003.

Linux: The secureable operating system -- AKA, 'every linux security hook in 60 minutes or less'

This was a insanely ambitious attempt to cover all linux kernel security in one hour that I presented at LinuxFest Northwest. I only made it through 98 of the 130 slides.