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Page 23: Command line Editing (cont)

Page 23

  Command line Editing (cont)
  VI Mode ('set -o vi') uses vi-style bindings, including command and insert mode.
  Command mode
  Use ESC to enter command mode
  k/j  goes to previous/next history line
  h/l/space move left/right/right
  /string searches backwards for previous command containing 'string'
  ?string searches forwards for previous command containing 'string'
  n/N continues/reverses search to next matching entry
  ^ goes to beginning of line
  $ goes to end of line
  All other options (dw, 5y, etc) work as expected
  Insert mode
  I/A enters insert mode at beginning/end of line
  i/a enters insert mode at current/next position

Copyright 2005, Bri Hatch of Onsight, Inc.

Presented at LFNW - LinuxFest Northwest, Bellingham, Washington, Apr 2005

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