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Page 18: Using Netstat

Page 18

  Using Netstat 
  Netstat comes with all Linux distros, is used for all sort of network-configuration queries.
  # netstat -natp | grep LISTEN | sort
  Active Internet connect ions (servers and established)
  Proto Local Address     Remote    State   PID/Program name   
  tcp* LISTEN  797/tcpserver       
  tcp* LISTEN  718/sshd            
  tcp* LISTEN  17592/master        
  tcp* LISTEN  17592/master        
  tcp* LISTEN  1636/stunnel        
  tcp* LISTEN  23476/sshd          
  tcp* LISTEN  1774/stunnel        
  tcp* LISTEN  1776/stunnel        
  tcp* LISTEN  1778/stunnel        
  tcp* LISTEN  1780/stunnel        
  tcp* LISTEN  29019/dnscache      

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