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Page 12: Example SSH forwards

Page 12

  Example SSH forwards
  SSH through office firewall, forward into Squid proxy:
     home$ ssh office -L 9999:squid.int.my_co.com:3128 \ 
               "sleep 9999" &
     home$ http_proxy=http://localhost:3128/
     home$ lynx http://payroll.int.my_co.com/cgi-bin/giveraise
  SSH through office firewall, providing connection back to home web server:
     home$ ssh office -R 8888:localhost:80 "sleep 9999999" &
     work$ wget -r http://localhost:8888/bachelor_party-2003/
     work$ find . -name \*png | xargs lpr -Pcolour_printer

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Presented at GSLUG - Greater Seattle User Group, Aug 2003

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