Bri's Modifications

I made several additions to my own NU script that are incorporated in the general versions listed. All the lines are commented out, so you won't run anything that isn't necessary, or is harmful.

First I wanted to be able to recieve mail on my own machine, but it wouldn't recognize the name associated with the IP address it was now attached to (of the form or so I made it quickly possible to add the appropriate line in /etc/

I first broke up my /etc/ into a top and bottom part.

(Top part ends just before the alternate name section, starting at
#R$*<>$* $@$1<@@$j>$2
and the bottom part begins just below this.)

To do this it must first determine the name associated with the IP, which it does with the nslookup, and then re-creates the /etc/ file and restarts sendmail.

machine=`nslookup 129.105.9.$node|grep Name|awk '{ print $2 }'`

(cat /etc/; echo 'R$*<@'$machine'>$*'\\t'$@$1<@@$j>$2';  \
 cat /etc/ ) > /etc/

/etc/init.d/mail start

I also output the machine name to /var/tmp/blip.machine for any other program that I have that might want to know this.

Since I have ytalk on my machine, I configure it to recognize the 'erroneous' machine name so I can talk from my own machine.

echo "readdress kami $machine" > $HOME/.ytalkrc
Then, for those nights that start at five am when I want to keep the connection even if I leave it idle for a bit, I run a boring script called "keepalive" which finger's one of my accounts every 20 minutes to keep some network activity. Now that the pool is enforcing a time limit, I'll have to put something in there to warn me when it is going to kick me off, even if I've been doing valid work the whole time.

One last thing I have it do is run announce which tells each of my accounts the current 'name' of my machine, and has them update their aliases. This makes it easier for me to mail from my other accounts to my machine without checking on my current machine name.

Here's my /etc/uucp/Systems entry. The expect[-send-expect] section is to get around the tremendous length of the NU "Disclaimer" banner. (Otherwise slip responds "enough already" which doesn't make me happy just 'cause it refuses to listen anymore...)

lucky Any ACUSLIP 38400 *70,4672300 "" @\r\r Username:-\r-Username:-\r-Username: (username) assword: (password) slip