Reegen doesn't want to sleep the night before the event.

Bree all hooked up on monitors for the last time in this pregnancy. She's already in her gown and surgical cap, ready to go.

Brian, all dressed up for the operation.

Away Bree goes. Brian needs to stay here until they've got the spinal tap all completed, which turned out to be about 40 min of pacing the room.

Lainee Alandra, who came out at 11:51, in the baby room connected to the operating room, about 10 minutes after being born.

Lainee going to the NICU, where she stayed for about 2 hours. She wasn't breathing as well, so she went up for a while.

Xahria Rhealyn, who came out at 11:52, in the baby room, about 10 minutes out.

Brian introduced Xahria to Bree back in the OR.

Xahria upstairs in Bree's L&D room, after getting her first bath.

A few hours later, Xahria (lt) and Lainee (rt) share a bassinet en route to their new room/nursery in maternity on the 5th floor,

Lainee (lt) and Xahria (rt) on their way downstairs.

Xahria (lt) and Lainee (rt) in the bassinet half an hour later in our new maternity room, re-wrapped now in their cool dark blue UWMC blankets.

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