Baby Ultrasounds!

Want to get a sneak peak at the twins? Here they are in utero. Haven't finished scanning the images yet (scanner was on the fritz) but I'll get others up here sooner or later.

I actually managed to work one of them into a presentation about cryptography, which you can see in slide 13, and there's also one with all three of us. Never pass up a chance to show off your family...

Again, here are the stats:

In theory, both girls, but they've never actually seen them both at the same time.

Identical or fraternal?
More likely the former, won't know for sure until they're out.

Official due date
February 17th, 2004.

Likely due date
No idea, but certainly by mid January though.

Hair colour
Who knows - but who would have expected Reegen to be a redhead?

Mom's status
At home on partial bed rest.

Baby A
Baby B

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