Our new house

Here are some pictures of our new house. I stole these off the realtor's website, so they're kinda small. Also, all the room pictures are from the first floor. We'll try to get new pictures some time.

View of the front
Another front view
View of street from the porch
Living room, from kitchen. The front door is just on the left, as is the big front window.
Kitchen. This photo makes the cabinets look pretty good. In reality, it's pretty ugly.
Thank goodness we're ripping these out and using better colour schemes.
The dining room.
Downstairs bathroom. (Tub/shower is on the left inside, not visible here.)
Great back yard space. You can't see the swing set that's on the left, behind the tree.
'View of the mountains' from the master bedroom upstairs. Really - if you squint really hard, you can see them.
Another front view, marred by a big 'Sold' graphic.

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