Our appartment on Nickerson

While we were still in California, Bree arranged for us to rent an appartment on Nickerson Street once we moved to Seattle. Nickerson street is the Northern-most street of the Queen Anne area. It was an OK location - we had easy access to the Starbucks and a few good food and grocery places on the top of the hill, an excellent Calzone dive, and a decent commute to Reegen's day care.

The place itself was furnished in a 'minimalist' fashion, which we thought would be best for a toddler (less things to baby proof.) We did a lot of reorganization of the things - big huge bamboo oramental art that looks vaguely like a ladder is not something you should leave available to a budding climber.

The other problem with the place was that it was hot. It was at the top of the building, 42 steps from the street and our parking spots. (42 steps that I knew all too well, having moved us in and out.) There wasn't much of a breeze at the top, which meant that it got very very hot. This was a problem during the day, but it was even worse at night, since neither Bree nor I can sleep when it's 90 degrees. The fact that it'd be 75 outside was an additional insult. We just couldn't keep the place cool. On a particularly bad stretch of days, as Bree's madly studying for the Bar exam, we actually went and rented a hotel it was so bad.

Somehow, though we lived there about four months, we only took a few pictures. So I tried to beef up the story with the prose above.

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