Reegen's Second Birthday Party!

Since Reegen's first birthday party was such a success, we opted for a pool party again this year. However, this year we also asked some "dancing ladies" to come perform at the party.

I thought of trying to get dancers after Reegen was so fixated on the hula dancers in Hawaii last January. But since our apartment was way too small for a party, we needed to rent a space. We decided that as long as we were renting a space, it might as well be the swimming pool. The Peninsula Swim School folks said it was no problem to have dancers come to perform in the little yard behind the pool, so that is what we did.

We had a slightly later party this year as Reegen now naps in the afternoon instead of late morning. This meant we could make it a lunch party, and so we ordered pizza for everyone too.

There are lots and lots of photos, so I am going to put multiple pictures on pretty much every page, and not make many comments. (If Reegen wakes up from her nap before I finish making this webpage, I won't get back to finishing it for weeks.)

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