Brian's B-Day Party w/ The Lizard Lady!

I wanted to do something special/fun for Brian's birthday party, but had a hard time thinking of what was special and fun that could easily include a toddler. A couple months ago the office manager at Brian's job invited Reegen to come to her daughter's fourth birthday party to see The Lizard Lady.

The Lizard Lady owns lots of reptilian pets. She brings them to schools and birthday parties. I guess the proceeds go to a fund for saving the animals' natural habitats. Anyway, we attended the birthday party with the Lizard Lady and had a good time. So I decided to call the Lizard Lady and see if she could come to Brian's birthday party. Fortunately, she had had a cancellation on the day of Brian's party, so she could come to our house at 2pm.

I didn't tell Brian that the Lizard Lady was coming, as I wanted to surprise him.

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