Whale Watching

Since we had such a good time on the boat on Maui, we wanted to do one on Kauai. We signed up for a whale watching tour, not because of the whale watching, but because it'd be on a boat. I think it was a ~60 footer or so. It is both a fishing boat and whale watching boat, so it had some huge fishing poles and anchors and stuff.

We almost didn't get to go because they didn't have enough people. (They need six to make it worth their while.) But at the last minute they had another booking (ironically, two of the four folks were from Arlington Heights, back near Chicago) and we were off.

Although we didn't care if we'd see whales, we found out that it was quite fun, actually. We saw a lot of humpbacks that would come up out of the water enough that even Reegen could identify them (although she called them dolphins.) There were two times that they breached (jump way out of the water) but only Brian saw those, unfortunately.

We mainly stayed up on the bow, because in the back there wasn't much wind, and we'd get sea sick. 'We' being Bree and I. Reegen is indestructable.

Reegen wanted to be on the ground a lot, but wasn't always happy that we'd want to have one of us there with her. The boat wasn't exactly built with 2 year olds in mind, and she'd have been easily able to roll under the safety bar.

The waves were just huge. I had no idea they were so big. The boat was undergoing some serious changes in altitude and orientation. Man, I don't know how in the heck folks got to Hawaii on the ocean the first time.

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