Geckos, geckos, everywhere!

There were tons of geckos on Kauai, and at our house in particular.

Since geckos eat bugs, and we hate bugs, we liked them. Since there were so many mosquitos near our house, there were lots of well fed geckos.

There were lots of geckos outside, mostly to be seen in the shade during the day. But there were also quite a few throughout our house. It took us a while to realize that this occasional clicking sound came from them. Don't know what they were saying, but as long as they kept eating mosquitos, I was happy.

Here's a picture of one of the geckos that hung out in our kitchen. Reegen liked him, but he was a bit shy, and kept hiding any time we tried to really look at him.

Here are some pictures of geckos we found outside on our porch at night. They didn't stay too close to each other, so we didn't get shots with a lot of them, but believe me there must have been thirty out there when I was taking pictures.

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