Luau on Kauai

We decided to go to another luau while on Kauai. Although they're ghastly expensive, Reegen loved the first one so much that we were thinking of it already. Then we found out Nannette and Allison had not gone to a luau while they were on Oahu (before they came to meet us on Kauai), so we convinced them it was a necessary part of the Hawaiian vacation, and we bought tickets to a cheap-ish luau. The one we decided to go to also happened to have won a bunch of awards for being authentic, so we thought it would be cool to see something different from the very sensationalist luau we saw on Maui.

The show at this place was great, but the atmosphere needed help. It was very crowded, cramped, and dark. Part of that was because we were under a shelter instead of out in the open like at the Maui one. After having been rained on at the Maui luau, we could see the benefits of holding the luau under a shelter, but it was just not as nice an atmosphere. I guess you get what you pay for.

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