Reegen and Allison -- Hula Girls!

Given how much Reegen and Allison both loved hula, we bought them both hula outfits. They came with grass skirts and a red bikini top. We bought some leis too, to complete the outfit.

They must have hula'd at least twice each day since we opened the package. They were just super cute.

In addition to the pictures, we also have a movie of them! Yes, my digital camera takes small (up to ~12 seconds) movies. We don't do them much, and haven't put any online until now. The movie is an avi, which means it should run in Windows and most recent Macs (certainly the Mac OSX versions) natively. For unix users, snag a copy of xanim or mplayer.

Get the movie right here. You might need to save this to your hard drive and double click it. I have no idea. Lemme know if you have problems and I can try to figure out better instructions. The movie is of Allison and Reegen playing ring-around-the-rosey in their hula skirts. A text transcript would look as follows:

     (Allison and Reegen circling one another)

     Allison: Ring around the rosey
	      Pocket full of posies
	      Ashes, ashes we all fall down!

     (Allison falls down.  Reegen stays standing and looks at her.)


     Allison:  Fall down!

     (Reegen lays down)

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