Tropical Botanical Gardens on Kauai

According to the guidebooks, there are three official tropical botanical gardens on Kauai, the best of which was on the north shore, about a 20 minute drive from our house.

I thought it would be cool to go see some nifty flowers and trees, and figured at worst Reegen could run around even if she weren't interested in any of the plants.

It was quite nice, and Reegen had a great time climbing tons of stairs as it was terraced on the side of a hill. However, we didn't get to finish because it was getting near Reegen's lunch time and we hadn't packed a picnic. We'd assumed there would be somewhere to eat between our house and the gardens, but there wasn't. The gardens are literally at the end of the road, so I guess no one wanted to operate a business nearby. Anyway, so we had to skip about 1/3 of the gardens so that we could get home in time for lunch.

One other funny fact: we saw a total of two flowers the entire time. The term "tropical botanical gardens" aparently means plants and trees, not flowers.

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