Around the House in Hanalei on Kauai

On Kauai we met up with Nannette and Allison Bell. Nannette is a friend of mine from college, and her daughter, Allison, is four years old. We haven't seen them in a long time, and when I mentioned last summer that we were planning a trip to Hawaii for January 2002, she said they were thinking of going to Hawaii as well. So we planned our trips to coincide, and agreed to share a house in Hanalei. We had a really good time with them. The girls got along very well, although it was a bit of a zoo with both of them there, very excited about each other and about the strange environment, etc. Although now Reegen keeps asking for Allison to come over. I feel really bad telling her we don't know when she will see Allison again.

We stayed in a rented house in Hanalei, on the North shore of the island. It is the wettest part of the island, and sparsely populated. We knew that, and thought it would make a nice change from the South side of Maui. And it did. But we were not prepared for how rural it felt. And we were certainly not prepared to have three roosters living in our yard, crowing not just at dawnbut at all hours of the night. Nor were we expecting the enormous numbers of mosquitos. (Although I guess we should have been expecting them, as I knew it was the wet side of Kauai and I know that wet and warm typically equals mosquitos. I was just busy thinking "island paradise", and as far as I'm concerned "paradise" does not include mosquitos.)

There was a pond in the front yard, which I knew from the photos online, but what I hadn't considered was that warm and wet (and especially stagnant pond) breeds mosquitos. I got seven bites within the first half hour of our arrival, and after that we not only purchased (and liberally applied) bug repellant, but we also spent as little time as possible in the yard. Which was a shame, because it was a great yard for kids if it hadn't been for the hungry, blood-sucking bugs.

It was also a very idyllic-looking setting. The view from the living room was awesome. Of course, since there were no curtains on those windows, the living room reached a temperature of 80 degrees F by noon, and it only got hotter inside until about 4pm when the temperature finally stopped climbing and began to fall. It was really intollerably hot in the house from about 1:30-4:30. Unfortunately, that is when Reegen naps, so we were stuck in the house at that time. We pointed a fan at the bed and collapsed on it to await the coming of darkness and cooler temperatures.

However, there were some advantages to the rustic setting. The house was huge, which we could never have afforded in a more developed area. And the girls loved the roosters and chickens that lived in the yard, as well as the two horses that lived along the dirt road/driveway from the main street to the house. We twice stopped the car on the way to/from the main road to feed one of the horses. All we had to feed it were goldfish and dried mango from Reegen's diaper bag, but the horse didn't seem at all picky.

Anyway, we were really glad the rental car agent talked us into upgrading to a Subaru Forester, because the compact car we had reserved would never have made it down that driveway.

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