Kamaole III Beach Park on Maui

We went first to Maui, where we stayed in a condo in Kihe (south Maui). We chose this place because it was right across the street from one good beach (Kamaole II) and a short walk down the street from a really good beach (Kamaole III). When planning this trip last summer, I read that swimming is bad most of the winter due to rough surf. South Maui was touted as one of the few places where the surf is calm enough to swim even in winter. So that is where we went.

These photos are from our last day on Maui, and the first day Reegen willingly went in the water. Well, I had her walk in with me the first day we were there, but she got surprised by a wave going over her head, and refused to go near the water for the next five days. But she finally went in with me again, and this time she really loved it. Which was kind of too bad since it was our last day on Maui.

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