These photos were taken right around Halloween. Reegen is 18 1/2 months old here. The first pictures are of Reegen sitting in a box at home, which she loves to do. She climbs in our Ikea bins all the time too. The next pictures are of Reegen and her friend Marion on Halloween.

We did not take Reegen out trick-or-treating for Halloween because we didn't think she would understand or enjoy it. However, the law school has an office-to-office trick-or-treat from 4pm-5pm on Halloween, and after a couple of my school friends said they were going to take their daughters, we decieded to go to that. We didn't get many photos, unfortunately, because it was pretty chaotic. But Reegen had a good time, in spite of being somewhat intimidated by the number of other kids/parents and all the costumes.

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