Mystic Blue

Just before Bree and I moved to California back in 1999, we set up an old computer from mom's office to give to my Grandpa so he could get on the Internet. Though it worked, it was starting to show it's age. Grandpa also was interested in having a printer, a better monitor to look at our pictures, and the old machine just wasn't fitting the bill any more.

So we decided to get him a new iMac, since it was small, extreemly integrated, and came in cool neat colours. (We picked blue.) We bought it at a store in Seattle, and Reegen helped me set it up with all the AOL/email/etc schtuff.

Now, there's a tradition that Grandpa has when getting folks stuff. Rather than just sending stuff in the mail, he comes up with elaborate stories about how they arrived. He delivers bits and pieces of the story for a few weeks before the objects themselves arrive, and signs them with his pen name "Marco Polo George." Well, if we were going to be getting him something, it was only fair to entice him in the same manner.

Thus for the next few weeks I wrote a series about the new computer, which I dubbed 'Mystic Blue', following the traditional Marco Polo George style. Below is the complete text of the story. Just to be interesting, I created the following acronyms for the story.

GobNair, the KingBargoni
Corp. Tom DuelOld computer
Allyl Resonir, the OracleLarry Ellison
Vesst Jebo, the visionary wizardSteve Jobs
Sleti Balg, the evil EmperorBill Gates
ScrimFoot, Home of Sleti BalgMicrosoft
Raegeyn ZeneReegen Zayne

So, here's the complete story.

Episode 1

In the land of GobNair, the King was worried. His champion, Corp. Tom Duel, had become old, week, and feeble. Though he was a loved and trusty companion, the King admitted to himself that Duel was no longer able to keep the King updated on the state of his realm as he once could. His reports were slow to return, and lacked the breadth that was available to the Kings of other lands. And, what's more, Duel was showing signs of his age. The King knew he would need to say good bye to his friend by winters end.

The King also knew that many other realms coveted his land, and would do anything to challenge his territories should he show signs of weekness. It was for this reason that the King gave Duel the charge to find his own successor. Duel was an observant man, he also knew he had little time left in this world, and took upon this quest with quiet understanding. He was determined to find the King and advisor as good as he.

Episode 2

Corp. Tom Deul, now on given the quest to find a new top advisor to his King, needed a strategie. Through all the world were people who would claim to be the hero needed, and determining who was worthy and who was false would be an impossible task. So he determined to consult the great Oracle, Allyl Resonir.

Allyl was known throughout the kingdom as a wise man, a fighter against tyrrany, and a man who always spoke his mind. Duel knew that The Oracle would be able to tell him where best to look for his successor.

The Oracle lived far, far west, almost to the Great Sea itself. Duel packed his things and prepared for the long journey. He wast not pleased to leave his King for this long, but he had no other choice.

At the dawn of the next day, he mounted his horse, Doemm, and set out for the Oracle, leaving the land of GobNair and his home on this most difficult mission.

Episode 3

Duel had traveled for nearly three weeks to reach the Oracle. His path was difficult. He traveled through foreign and hostile nations. As a holder of a high court position, Duel was known to people of other lands, and was not able to travel incognito, try as he might. Some thought that his travels were a sign of war, others that he had become tired of his land, and sought to serve another King. Instead of being able to simply travel as any other man could, Duel needed to inform each ruler of his simple intent to enter and leave their lands on his way to the Oracle. Of course he did not want anyone to know his purpose. Instead he simply told anyone who asked that his questions for the Oracle were personal ones, which to some degree was the truth.

After twenty grueling days Duel had reached the home of the Oracle. The Oracle was known to make visitors wait a long time before being seen, or to be turned away entirely. Duel made his petittion to the Oracle's followers, and hoped he would get an audience before it was too late. He settled down in the Inn and waited to learn if he would be heard or if his travels were worth nothing.

Episode 4

It was not the response he had hoped.

After a week of waiting, the Oracle agreed to see Corp. Duel. He was to be granted a five minute meeting in which to ask for the Oracle's wisdom - to find his replacement.

"Great Oracle, I have a need. My King, the honorable BigMaMoo, needs an advisor. To this date I have performed that service. However I grow old, and my powers are not what they were. Others are able to get the information my King requires faster than I can, their reports more detailed and full of life. My time is short in this world, and I have just one last task. I must find a new advisor.

It is known throughout the world that you can see that which others cannot. Where, oh Great Oracle, can I find the man whom shall take my place?"

Episode 5

Vesst Jebo.

The Oracle had told duel to seek out Vesst Jebo.

Jebo was a wizard of exceeding vision. He had created things though impossible by other wizards. His creations were both beautiful and functional, and with them he created his own kingdom.

It was rare -- perhaps unheard of -- for a kingdom to be ruled by a wizard. Wizards were normally advisors to the King. Jebo was very wise and inventive, but his advisors did not think he was fit for leadership. They secretly plotted amongst themselves and overthrew Jebo.

Jebo left his lands galantly. He went far away and gathered folks of like mind together to form a new colony. Again Jebo went about creating new and wonderous things, as it was his greatest skill.

Deul had hoped the Oracle would name a man from his own land of GobNair to be the new advisor to his King. He had accepted that perhaps the best man for the job would be a person from another land. He did not expect the Oracle to tell him that the ruler of another land must help him.

He set off for RipaxTenx, the new homeland of Vesst Jebo. He hoped he was up to the task.

Episode 6

Corp. Tom Duel's trip to RipaxTenx would take him to and past his homeland of GobNair. Since he would be traveling through the same lands, it would in fact be a simpler trip, since he had already established his presense and purpose to the rulers of those lands.

He was slightly apprehensive, however, about going through GobNair itself. What would he tell his king? That he was still looking? That perhaps his quest would go unfulfilled, and the great BigMaMoo would be on his own, with no trusted advisor?

No, instead Duel decided to travel through without stopping to see the king. It was not expected anyway, since he had but one single task laid before him, and nothing was more important.

RipaxTenx and GobNair were cordial kingdoms. They did not have strong ties, RipaxTenx being a new land as Kingdoms went, however the had no bad blood between them.

Duel did not know how he would ask Vesst Jebo, ruler of RipaxTenx, for his help. Kings were not used to helping rulers of other lands. Duel could trick him, none were craftier than Duel, but sooner or later Jebo would know the truth, and it would harm the relations of the kingdoms.

So Duel decided to try the truth.

Upon arriving in RipaxTenx, Duel was greeted and given an immediate audience with Jebo - before even requesting one. Startled, Duel went to the castle.....

Episode 7

Vesst Jebo was a simple man, yet he exuded both strength and knowledge.

"Duel, I understand that you have been to the Oracle, and immediately after being given an audience you set out here. May I ask why?"

Duel did not know how this information could have traveled so fast. He had made as few stops as possible, not telling anyone of his quest, and stopping only long enough for food, drink and short rest. Yet Jebo already knew.

"Yes, King Jebo, you know my actions well. I must admit, I am impressed. I have come here to ask you a favor. The Oracle has told me you are the only one that can help me complete my task."

Duel tolk Jebo the truth about his quest to find his own replacement. Jebo nodded occasionally as Duel spoke, but said not a word until Duel finished.

"The request you make is unusual. You come here asking for me to help you find -- no create -- a person able to gather information for your King, better than any that had come before. Yet your King and I are not allied in any way. This seems perplexing indeed. However I will honor your request and accept the challenge."

Duel was suprised. "I certainly appreciate your decision. Though I must wonder -- I have admitedly given you no reason to do as I've asked, save that it is for the good of my King. Why will you undertake it?"

"Duel, there are two reasons. First, you are a just and honorable man. You have asked this not for yourself but for another. I like honorable people. Secondly, many other advisors of your land strongly oppose Emperor Sleti Balg, of the land ScrimFoot. I personally hate Sleti, and would like nothing more than to supply his enemies with power.

"So I will create your new champion. It has been many years since I have practiced my wizardry, and this is indeed a challenge. It shall be done."

Episode 8

Vesst Jebo went deep into his magical lair. He had more potions and incantations at his disposal than any wizard in the history of time. Yet to create the superior Duel needed would take all of his craft.

He slaved away for several weeks, piecing together his instruments into ways that had never been done before. Whirls of colour, decanters of elements, whips of gas, all of them singing their own melodies. By combining all the music he would create the one true song that would lead to his creation.

Each combination of his tools focused the song. He began to hear the harmonies taking form, the counter melodies giving it substance. He neither ate nor slept for several days, listening to the glorious song of his almost-creation. This would indeed be the most pure, strong, and courageous advisor that had ever existed.

The spell was almost complete. He sent for Duel, to have him witness the final moments of the creation. Duel came as swiftly as possible to the hidden room.

Entering the door he was awestruck by the colours and music in the air. He had never witnessed such stunning magic in his life. In the center of it all was Jebo, dancing in the air as he directed everthing.

"Duel, your creation is almost complete. I need only one more thing. Your love of your king must be placed into your successor. I require something of yours, given from him to complete the spell."

Duel had received many things from his King, but one was more meaningful than the rest. He took the saphire stone that he work around his neck, and handed it to Jebo.

Jebo held out the stone in the middle of the room and let go. The stone, rather than falling to the ground, began to twirl around. The music in the room which, until now had seem perfect beyond compare, had an added quality that made it vibrate everything around. The entire room sang as the stone circled the room. Small tendrils of light came from the stone, and absorbed the colours in the room. The stone began to take form.

It seemed that days past as Duel watched the magic unfold. Tears came to his eyes as the song faded and in its place Jebo's creation fell softly from the air onto the floor.

Mystic Blue was born.

Episode 9

Jebo had created the new advisor for the King of GobNair, the BigMaMoo. The advisor had been created with the ring given to Duel by the King, a symbol of the trust and love the two shared. This sapphire ring had caused the new advisor to be tinted blue. The man needed a name, and based on his origins and striking appearance, Duel dubbed him Mystic Blue. Jebo rested on the ground and turned to Duel:

"Mystic Blue, you have picked a fine name. There is only one thing left that must be done. Mystic Blue has been given your love, your strength, and your devotion a hundred fold. He will serve better than any advisor could. "He has all the knowledge to perform his professional tasks. However he still needs one thing I am unable to give him: curiosity.

"You must teach him that simple emotion, for without it he is not complete. He will wither and fade away. You have only a few weeks to provide him with this before it will be too late. Take him now back to your land -- teach him curiosity, and he will be ready to take your place."

Duel took Mystic Blue home. He was an excellent traveling companion, but he could tell that something was missing. Though he could learn and understand anything, he simply did not attempt to learn anything on his own. This would be a fatal flaw for an information advisor to a King.

Duel tried everything he could think of to teach Mystic Blue to be curious. Ten days from Jebo's castle they had traveled, and still no sign of Mystic getting any closer to curiosity.

Duel brought Mystic home and set him up a cot in the spare room. Exhausted, Duel went to sleep, deciding that tomorrow he would again attempt to teach Mystic Blue simple curiousity.

Episode 10

Duel woke the next morning to hear laughter in the next room. A bit confused, Duel dressed and exited his bedroom.

Duel's daughter, Raegeyn Zene, was on the floor playing with Mystic Blue. Negyaer was very young, only able to say a few words, and those only understandable after you'd heard them used a few times in context. Mystic Blue and she were clearly communicating, however.

Raegeyn was teaching Mystic her own language. She would make signs, sounds, and point a lot, until Mystic understood what she said. It was quite a site, and Duel watched for a while until they noticed he was there. Raegeyn turned toward Duel with a sneaky smile, almost saying "Hi there, I'm having fun, don't you wish you knew what I was doing".

Duel knew that he needed to work with Mystic quickly -- there were only a few days left for him to teach curiosity -- and so he wanted to begin right away.

He was about to ask Mystic Blue to leave when he realized -- Raegeyn, with her natural curiosity of the world, was teaching Mystic before his eyes. Her desire to know and name everything was seeping into Mystic as well. Raegeyn wanted to know Mystic's words for objects. Mystic wanted to teach her his names, but also he wanted to know her names for things. Duel had fretted for more than a week trying to teach Mystic something that was happening naturally.

He let Raegeyn and Mystic spend the entire day together. At the end of the day, he set out to introduce Mystic Blue to his King.

(Mystic Blue is on his way to King BigMaMoo)

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