My last day at Swan

I (Bri) worked at Swan Systems in San Francisco for about a year and a half. I actually only went in about once a week, though I went down to San Jose where the machines were more frequently.

Since we were going to be moving up to Seattle for the summer, I'd be able to visit neither 'San' easily, so it was natural for me to leave Swan. These are the traditional last-day-at-work pictures of some of the Swan folks.

It was a really cool place to work, on of the dot-coms that didn't fail. That said, there was a rather substantial mass-exodus (some willingly, some forcibly) a few months after my departure. Most of the folks that they let go were really on the ball, if not essential to Sawn IMHO, so I don't know what the powers-that-be were thinking. For grins I'll label who's still there.

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