James Klock Visits & The Purple Chinatown Outfit

Our friend James Klock, from Chicago, stopped by while he was out here visiting relatives. He hadn't seen Reegen since our visit out there last Summer, when she was about three months old. She's changed quite a lot since then.

He could only stay for a couple hours, but we were really glad he could make it across the bay to see us (his relatives live in Oakland which isn't very close to Palo Alto).

Also in this set of photos is Reegen's Cool New Chinatown Outfit, which we purchased in Chinatown a few weeks ago. We were invited to dinner by my firm for this summer, Perkins Coie, as their hiring partner was in town doing some school tours. Brian and I managed to get Amy (one of Reegen's teachers) to babysit so that we could go.

Given our past experience with trying to get downtown during rush hour, we allocated lots of time for the drive into San Fran, but the traffic wasn't bad at all, so we had lots of time to kill when we arrived. The Ritz Carlton is right near Chinatown, so we wandered around looking at all the stuff. We couldn't resist the outfit Reegen is wearing in the later pictures here.

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