December 22, 2000 - Portraits

On Dcember 20, the day after my last final exam, we took Reegen to Sears Portrait Studio to get some Christmas pictures taken. It went very badly. Reegen was ready for a nap, and absolutely refused to smile. Brian and I tried everything we could think of. The photographer, who sees many many children each day, tried everything she could think of. Finally, we gave up and made an appointment for Friday the 22nd instead.

The pictures here are from the Friday session, which went much better. We still had to work to get Reegen to smile, but at least our efforts paid off.

During previous visits to the photographer Reegen was a happy baby, eager to smile for the camera. I dunno if now that she is older she is more upset about being in a strange place with strange people or if we just had bad luck these two times. Guess we'll find out next time we go. For now, click below to see the photos.

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