Daycare - September 22, 2000

Reegen is in Daycare four days a week (we're on the waitlist to get the fifth day). She goes to the Children's Center for the Stanford Community, which is on campus pretty near our house. Her classroom is called CIP1 (for Craig Infant Program, Room #1). There are four teachers and never more than ten children in the room at a time. There are something like fourteen or fifteen children enrolled total, but many of them have part time schedules.

CCSC is a co-op, although you are not required to co-op in order to put your child there. You get a discount on tuition if you work two hours a week in your child's classroom, though. I like seeing what goes on in the classroom and getting to know the other kids and their parents, so I would probably co-op even if we didn't get a discount for doing so.

On September 22, I brought Brian's digital camera with me to co-op and took a bunch of pictures while there. There weren't very many kids present that day, I think because many folks were on vacation before Stanford started fall quarter (the law school is on semesters, but the rest of the school is on quarters, so I had already started class by now but no one else had).

Anyway, for anyone curious about Reegen's daycare environment, view the photos herein.

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