Reegen's Midwest Journey: Evanston part 2

Our return flight to California was scheduled for Saturday morning, meaning we'd need to see everyone in Evanston on the evenings of Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Being that most of our friends have busy social and work lives, this was going to be near impossible to see everyone. Thus Bree and I decided it'd be a good idea to extend our stay a day.

After getting our plane tickets changed, we learned that the hotel we were in was booked, so we'd have to go somewhere else. Turns out everywhere in Evanston and near the airport was booked. So we made a reservation for a place in Niles, about half way to the airport.

Due to my polite badgering, and Reegen's persuading smile, we were able to convince our hotel to let us stay in the same room Saturday night, so we were very happy and able to see the rest of our friends without packing up all our things an extra time.

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