Brian's Bowling Birthday Bash

For Brian's birthday, I thought it might be fun to have a bowling party. So, I reserved three lanes at Palo Alto Bowl and invited lots of folks to join us. Most of them showed up.

The attendees were (in order of arrival):

Danielle and Kirk, with their baby girl, Katie
Brigham and Kellie, with their daughter, Abby
Laura and Jeff
Sonia and Bethany

Danielle, Brigham, Josh, Sandy, Laura, and Sonia are all law students with me. Anurup is Anurup. Erica is a med student at Stanford. We know her because we are part of her education (she is going to our prenatal appointments with us and will be at our delivery). Justin is one of Brian's co-workers.

The party was much fun. As Brian said, "There was pizza, cake, and bowling. What more does one need?"

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