Tahoe, 2000

Last year Bree and I went to Lake Tahoe to go skiing as part of our trip to see Stanford before deciding to come out here.

One of the things that appealed about California (one of the few things, IMO) is that we'd have access to the real mountains nearby to go downhill skiing. Well, once becoming pregnant there was an added factor.

The midwife said that we should have no problem skiing if we did it by the end of month 6. So we promptly scheduled two ski trips, one in December and one in January.

For the January trip we wanted to invite Mom and Dad. As it turns out Mom was extreemly busy, and Dad was going to be on a ski trip already that week. However he managed to manouver his schedule so he could ski both outtings, which meant he had a lot more skiing than any of the rest of us.

We also managed to get Bree's brother Brand to come out, after a few lessons in 'how to buy plane tickets online.'

So, you'd think that we'd manage to get some pictures of us skiing. Well, we didn't. I forgot to take the camera with me at all. In fact I barely took any inside until Dad had already left. Was too busy enjoying all the bridge playing the four of us managed to sneak into our 'busy schedules'.

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