Ultrasound of our baby

Bree and I went in for an ultrasound on December 9th, 1999.

In our other midwife visits we'd hear the baby's heartbeat. We thought that was surreal. However this time we could see our baby squirming around inside. The impact was much greater.

We were joined by Erica, a med student that will be accompanying us on our visits as part of the Mommies and Babies program. Since she came along the doctor took more time than normal to explain exactly what they were looking at and measuring. I politely told him that he could talk lound enough for Bree and I to hear too, since I figure we could learn a thing or two also.

Unlike all the horror stories we'd heard, they did not make Bree drink a gallon of water just before the exam, which made her very happy, and allowed us to take advantage of our just-before-the-lunch-break time slot, and got more time to look at the baby.

It's nice to finally see just how greedy our little baby is with respect to it's environment -- it constantly had it's head pressed against Bree's bladder.

We also had them turn on the color Doppler so we could see her little heart pumping. Very neat.

Almost as an afterthought the tech looked around and determined that come May we'll be giving birth to a little baby girl.

Here you can see the baby's feet

And her hand

Two great side views from her head to her tummy

I couldn't remember for sure what this one was. However my father could (unsuprising since he's a radiologist) and he says: "She looks very smart and has wide set eyes like her Grampa. " so I assume we're looking at a cross section of the skull.

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