Dad gets an Earring!

My dad's given me a lot of shit in the past about my hair (it's long) and my earring (I have one). I suppose that's only fair, because I've given him the same (I 'forced' my dad to shave his beard for the first time in 10 years when I was 15.)

I kept telling Dad to grow out his hair and get an earring so we'd match. He had some nice looking locks, but he cut them off (thus ended that rebelous streak) However I did manage to get him to buy into (or at least cave into) the earring idea. I was rather shocked, especially given his reaction to getting an earring from me for father's day this year.

Well, you see he had asked for me to return it when he came down to see Bree and I before we drove off to California, and I happily did.

So when he and mom came out to visit us, we went out to a local mall and had his ear pierced!

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