NU Homecoming, 1999

Cats Win!

As I intend to do from now until I die, I attended homecoming at Northwestern again this year. This was the first homecoming which required I fly out -- until now I've lived in Evanston, so attending homecoming meant driving (or walking) to campus.

I was picked up from the airport by Minna, stayed at Libby's house, had my friend James drive me to and from the game, and had fun playing RoboRally to rediculously late hours with friends.

Ahh, it's great to feel like you're back in college.

I marched the homecoming parade on Friday, and pregame and halftime on Saturday (did I meantion that the Cats beat I-Oh-Wuh?) so although I felt emotionally like I was still at NU, my body constantly reminded me that I was, in fact, in quite a different shape than I had been those years ago. Man -- I'm still sore.

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