Visiting Barry in Boulder

I went out to visit my friend Barry out in Boulder, Colorado the 3rd through the 5th of October. The purpose was twofold:

  1. He's developing a new product for his company called NetTransit. (The previous link is broken until the product goes live)

    I was brought on to provide the security for the product (to keep confidential patient data from crossing the internet in the clear) and thus I went out to teach them about it and show them the implementation.

  2. Go visit a great friend and have fun.
I got in on Sunday and Barry and I went out to eat at a local microbrewery, which had some damned good food.

Then we drove into the mountains to a place called Boulder Falls. A nice quaint waterfall. There's a little cut-out path that will take you from the road to a decent vantage point.

After looking at it for a while Barry asked if I wanted to go hiking up the mountain. Specifically he pointed to a place I could only call 'up'. No, he'd never gone to that particular place, but he'd gone up a bit. I said sure, knowing three things:

So up we went. We probably took three hours to climb up and down, stopping at several points for me to describe how amazingly cool this was for me as Barry patiently said "Well DUH!" to himself, and several times tried to convince me to move out here. He tells me it was only about 150 feet from our highest point to the road, but it sure feels more when it's 150 feet straight down.

Thanks for the experience, Barry.

Monday I went into work with him. I'd already had the code compiled, but it was on my PC at home which arrived in Mountain View in damaged shape (did I meantion Atlas Van Lines sucks?) so I had to recompile everything. They told me that they needed it to compile in Visual C++, so it took me a lot longer to get it to compile at their place. I was there until 4am in fact. It was a nice chilly walk home.

Tuesday I put the whole package in place, we ran his stuff through it, and we watched the network to make sure nothing was getting past our encryption. After it was proven to be a smashing success, I got back on a plane and went home.

And, out of all this I only managed to take two pictures.

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