Our stuff gets delivered!

They were supposed to deliver our stuff by Friday, September 10th at the latest. Come the 10th they still hadn't put it on a truck from the warehouse in Illinois. I did two things:

  1. Told them to send me a copy of their late claim form
  2. Told Discover to dispute the charges
By Wednesday the 15th, after three painful weeks of lies including we had our first bit of real news: Our stuff was in fact on a truck. They could even tell which driver had it. They even knew where he was.

He was somewhere in Nevada driving 5 miles at a time. No, not 5 miles per hour, but 5 miles at a time. Thereafter his truck would overheat and he'd have to stop for 30 minutes to let it cool down.

They decided they'd have to fix the truck. I tried to plead with them to just UPS our bed to us and we'd be placated for a while, but they weren't interested.

They took it into the shop. "It'll be fixed by the end of the day (Wednesday) for sure." I added that to the list of lies the next day when it was extended to Thursday.

They told me they'd call me as soon as they found out anything. They also gave my number to the driver, who was going to call me with a status as soon as they mechanics gave him any news.

Once I actually caught Atlas on the phone with the driver when I called. They said "he called our place a few times, but no one was home and a machine answered, so he hung up." Aparently they don't breed Atlas drivers to understand this new-fangled answering machine technology.

But, true to his eventual word, he came at 8 am Friday (Bree's birthday no less) to deliver our belongings.

We are still waiting to see how they are going to address having lost 4 boxes, and destroying several things, to a cost more than the actual cost of our move.

Needless to say I've updated the folks at Discover, but the charges are still under dispute until I see them take some action.

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