The Big News!

Months before leaving Illinois, Bree and I had decided that we wanted to have children. We thought about when a good time would be, and both agreed that if birth occured during the summer after Bree's first year would be the best time. Thus she went off the pill in early August.

We had heard many stories from friends and relatives about the difficulty in getting pregnant right after going off the pill. We figured if we went off when we did, then some time around November or December we might get results.


We'd gone shopping while waiting for the carpet to be done and dry out a bit. While we were out we stopped by a Walgreens and picked up a pregnancy test, mostly for grins. We both figured that with all the stress Bree had been under (quitting a job, packing up and moving 6 states away, the whole long painful drive, etc) that her period was late because of that, or just the simple fact that no pills were telling her when it was time anymore. We honestly didn't expect what happened.

Two lines. Almost instantly.

Normall you see one line and wait 5 or so minutes. If the second line doesn't appear, no baby.

So naturally we did what any couple would do: we bought another one. Different brand, same store, same checkout person. "I see something is happening, eh?" she said. We nodded.

Home we drove. Bree pops into the bathroom for a second. Bree pops right back out again. I continue washing dishes.

The mandatory 5 minutes pass. Two lines in the new test also. Well, that is sure definative, since they're 99% accurate. having taken two, that's a 99.99% chance that you are pregnant. Pretty convincing. True, we could have gone back and gotten a third, but we didn't need to be 99.9999% sure. I've taken statistics. Those extra 2 digits of precision are pretty unnecessary.

So it was late in Mountain View. Everyone was asleep where we were. It was even later in the Central and Eastern time zones where all our family and friends were. So what did we do?

We woke them all up.

Sorry -- it's too hard to not tell anyone. I'll try to save 1:30am calls for something 'more important' next time. ;-)

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