The Move: Day 6 -- Nevada

We'd spent the night just across the Nevada boarder in a town called Wendover. It's the first gambling town I've ever been to. There was nothing for miles, and the second you crossed the state line you were blinded by the light bulbs. They must have their own nuclear reactor to power this town.

Wendover clearly has as it's only function the gambling community. Gas stations, Pizza Huts and the like are serviced by folks that are too young to work in the casinos yet.

The hotel in which we stayed charged your card for the full amount at checkin. There was no long distance available, nor pay movies. You could not spend any more money at the hotel without going down to the front desk and giving them cash.

On our way here while still in Utah we'd seen a sign or two in rest areas such as


	Red chevy out of gas about 5 miles west on
	I-80.  Don't have money to buy more.
	Please help

The signs all made more sense now.

We woke up when the mood struck us, being close enough that early-morning starts weren't as important to us. In fact, due to me pushing us too hard (and it was entirely my fault) we were ahead of schedule. We decided to stop somewhere just outside Nevada in California for the night, and go into Mountain View the next day.

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