Sunday, August 29th.

We had been planning on having Bree's shipped via Chipmunk Transportations. The folks at Chipmunk promised to pick up her car between the 25th and 29th of September. They were going to call us 48 hours in advance to tell us what time they'd be showing up.

Friday the 27th they hadn't called yet, so Bree called them. They said they'd be there by Sunday, but no later than Monday, still calling 48 hours in advance.

Well, we'd heard this dance before and weren't very confident that they'd hold up to their claims. We'd planned on leaving Evanston on Monday, taking only my car, and plotted a route that'd allow us to stop by Barry's place in Colorado for a day or two to relax. With two of us driving, switching off periodically, this didn't seem like a problem. However if the bastards at Chipmunk didn't show up, we'd be in real trouble.

Thus when noon rolled around, we recalculated our trip and found we couldn't possibly make it out there in two cars without driving far too long each day unless we left right then.

So we jumped in our cars and headed West.

If you're curious, they never did show up. They did keep our deposit though. What a wonderful company.

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