Saturday, August 28th.

9 am comes. I call Atlas to find out where our truck is. "Oh, you know that Chicago traffic." I remind them that a) yes, I do know that chicago traffic, and there isn't much of it on a saturday morning, and b) shouldn't they also know that traffic, and have planned ahead? They shrug it off. The truck should be there momentarily. No later than 9:30.

9:45 there is still no truck. I call back. "He should already be there" is the reply. I ask who 'he' is and can get no information. At no point could they come close to substantiating that a real person, truck, or entity was remotely associated with our stuff.

So at 11:30 (four phone calls later) two guys and a truck arrive. They are not our driver. They were pulled off their normal call and put on our job instead.

They were NOT going to be putting our stuff on a truck that was going out to California. They were merely packing stuff up to be put into a warehouse in Arlington Heights. The shipment would be stored there until it was picked up by the actual driver.

Needless to say we were very glad to have someone actually show up. However I was a bit pissed that I'd been lied to at each stage thus far. This wasn't what they'd promised.

But, as we were planning on leaving tomorrow, at least the pickup wasn't entirely blown.

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