Atlas was supposed to come pick up our stuff. We were told that we would be able to ask the driver himself what day he thought he'd be delivering it to us in Mountain View. I'd called the main office while the packers were doing their thing, since they hadn't called us with his arrival time yet. They said he'd be at our place by 9am.

9am came and left. I called the office again. "No, he's definately on his way, should be there momentarily."

Momentarily: adverb
  1. for a moment
  2. (archaic) instantly
  3. at any moment, in a moment
  4. (atlas van lines) we don't have any clue, so we're going to make you wait on the off chance it occurs at all.

Momentarily was a word we'd be hearing for the next 4 hours. Although I called no less than 5 times, each time getting a new window in which it was *absolutely sure to arrive*, it never came. I was thrice told they'd look it up and call right back. They never did.

Finally at 1:30 when I called they quickly looked up my registration number, which I had quite memorized by that point, and told me simply "Oh. There's a problem with the truck. They'll come tomorrow."

They did not ask if this was ok. They did not sound apologetic. They simply told me it wasn't going to happen. Wonderful.

They did promise that the driver would be there the next day at 8am.

That did give Bree and I plenty of time to photograph our Robo Rally Robots

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