Bree and I both dig the game Robo Rally. Heck -- I've even made it into homework assignments in various programming classes I've taught.

In the game you control a robot that moves around a board while other players do the same. The goal varies upon the game itself, and the players. Dave is fond of playing RoboBall. Chris is only fond of killing everyone.

I bought Bree a copy of the game for her birthday. I also bought one for me. Since the robots come unpainted, she went out and got a slew of paints, and we went at it. Libby and Dave also own a copy of the game. They'd never gotten around to painting theirs, so Bree voluntered to do theirs.

So, having created an army of robots, and I being the picture happy person that I am, we had to get pictures of them before we gave them back. We were still snapping pictures the day they came to take our stuff away in Evanston. ;-) shots of each robot. You can see them in two forms:

The latter one takes much longer to download (each picture is made of 8 internal shots) and is not appropriate for anyone with nausea or epilepsy.

(Note: due to browser limits, the bots may not spin simultaneously. Additionally, they have been programmed to stop spinning after 12 rotations.)

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