The Master Plan was as follows:

Bree's last day of work was scheduled to be Friday the 20th of August, leaving her off the last week we'd be in Evanston.

Atlas Van Lines was scheduled to pack up all our stuff Thursday the 26th, and then load it on a truck the following day. They were contracted to deliver our stuff in Mountain View between September 3rd and September 10th. At each stage the people involved should be calling at least 24 hours in advance to tell us the exact time they'd be coming over.

Bree and I set out a small amount of things that we didn't want packed -- sleeping bags, some kitchen equipment, laptop, a couple books, and the like.

The packers arrived just as they'd scheduled. Two guys proceeded to pack up every last thing we owned.

They started by individually packing up the computer room and kitchen. They guy packing the computer room told the other that he'd help finish up the kitchen as soon as he was done with his room. He was quite mistaken, and kitchen-man was already done with the dining room and part of the bedroom by the time my many computers, cables, monitors, and desks were done.

They were extreemly efficient, yet it still took them about 6 hours.

It was rather eerie to have all our possesions neetly stowed in containers. It didn't feel like our house at all anymore. That night was the last night we slept in our own bed, covering it with our sleeping bags and sheets that would be our only bed for weeks to come.

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