Bri and Bree Engaged Be.

I proposed marriage to Bree on Friday, July 23rd, at a restaurant in Evanston called Campagnola. Herein are pictures from that event.

A bit of background:

I'd known for months how I wanted to propose to Bree: I wanted to sing the Police song Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, as it was arranged by Roy G Biv, an A'Capella group I knew in college. I turned to two of my best friends, Barry Henrichs and James Klock, to be my background singers.

Barry, my best friend from High School, currently lives in Colorado, so the first order of business was getting him to Chicago. I didn't tell him exactly why I wanted him to visit. He managed to convince his company to send him out on their tab to visit some clients. About the first week of July he told me his travel plans. He was going to arrive Thursday, July 22nd, see clients that day and the next, and spend the rest of the weekend visiting family.

When I found out that he could make it to Chicago before we moved out to San Fransisco, I had to get the plan underway. It also defined the date the proposal would occur: Friday, July 23rd. I told him he should consider himself booked Thursday and Friday nights.

He asked why.
I told him.
He almost dropped the phone.

So, with under two weeks to plan the whole affair, it was very fortunate that Bree had to go out of town for work the week of July 12th-16th. This made it much easier for me to plot and plan in secret.

I digitized the song from the tape I'd had all these years, and sent it to Barry and James electronically so that they could learn the music. I went shopping with Libby for engagement earrings, something the saleswoman at the jewlery store had never heard of before. I knew I didn't want to buy a ring without Bree's participation but I also didn't want to propose empty handed, so earrings seemed appropriate. I scouted out restaurants looking for an appropriate setting. Campagnola didn't mind having three men jump up and sing in the middle of their restaurant, so they won. Besides, an Italian restaurant seemed a bit more appropriate than a quiet sushi joint, which had been my first thought.

The week of the proposal Bree and I were both under huge amounts of stress. Bree had a work week from hell, and I had the stress of nearing the end of my job at Abbott, so it was a very hectic hectic time to try to plan and plot without Bree finding out. Had it not been so busy I'm sure Bree would have been suspicious, and had she asked I probably would have spilled the whole plan without even thinking because it was nigh impossible for me to keep it contained. Libby left an incriminating message on my machine that Bree almost heard, I had to manufacture Ice Cream runs to slip out and talk to restaurants, and I had to convince Bree that Barry and I needed time alone Thursday "to talk about women" when in truth we just needed to practice.

Amazingly Bree remained unaware of our activities, due partly to Libby who talked with Bree on their commute every day, and shrugged off any strange Brian behavior with the comment "Boys are like that sometimes."

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So, without further ado, the pictures.

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