"Invocation: Endgame" -- A day in the filming.

My friend David Schmidt is filming the last in a series of action/horror films called Invocation. I've worked with him on all of them in some way, doing computer graphics, playing a corpse, etc, and have had a hell of a lot of fun with it.

This weekend I took my camera with to get some pics of the film during the shoot.

The people contained herein are

David SchmidtWriter, Director, Cameraman, you name it
LizClapper, Consultant for Director Safety
Jim CollinsLighting, Editing
Walter MyersBoom and Dolly Operator
Steven DavisDoppelganger, Fighter
Julie LockhartAnnie Price
Amy HarmonJena Blackwood
Chuck CoylDet. Hartwell
Jared WeberDoppelganger, Fighter
StephanieDoppelCutie and BucketBasher
Libby BeyreisDoppelBabe, Blood Shooter
Steve FluetDoppelMan, BonesFinder
Brian HatchBallistics, Dead Pigeon Wrangler

The pictures taken during the shots are not as good as the others because I could not use a flash, nor get close to the actors, for obvious reasons.

As always, I forgot to bring a second set of batteries, and they started dying at the end, thus some of the blurred action shots.

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