Mothers Day, Twin Lakes, 1999

We held Mother's Day at "the lake" this year. (Both my parents and grandparents have a condo on Lake Mary in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. It's become the defacto meeting place.)

We had a brunch at a nearby country club. Then Bree and I unveiled the mothers/fathers day gift: a computer.

Mom's office had 486's they were getting rid of, Bree and I installed Windows 95, AOHell, and bare-bones Word onto the 250Meg hard drive, hooked it up, and got it net-ready.

Unfortunately, I forgot the modem power supply.

So Bree and I went to a hardware store and bought a universal power supply. Plugging it in, I promptly fried the modem entirely.

So we went out and bought a new 56K modem for them to replace the 33.3 I'd just fused.

We showed them how to get the machine booted, how to use a mouse, dial up AOHell, and such -- proof that you can teach these old dogs any tricks you'd like. I encourage you to send them some email at gbargoni @ aol . com.

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