The Easter Pictures

Libby, Bree and I were at Old Orchard to get new eyewear and perscriptions. We were a touch early, so we got a bite to eat at the food court. Scattered throughout were signs for Easter pictures, which we scoffed at.

After the exam we went for a real meal. Libby, having had her eyes dialated, was unable to see a thing, so I was walking her on my arm to the restraunt. We noticed that Bree wasn't around, I went to look for her, and found she'd signed us up for an appointment.

So after food we waited in the studio watching unhappy babies being fitted with silly headwear and pouting. We resolved to be more interesting.

So below you'll find all the pictures we purchased. They developed a subset of the photos for us to look at, based on what they thought we'd want to buy. However the ones we wanted were more often the ones they'd discarded, so we made them go back and print the more interesting ones instead.


Our first pic of the day, Bree and I wore eggshell hats as the Easter Libby-Bunny hop-hopped behind us.

For some reason Bree and I wanted to wrap a blanket around ourselves. Libby was doing a wonderful job looking all cute to the camera, but a few strange sounds from me made her turn in horror. Putting Bree back in the gimick seat (I tried to fit in the car, but couldn't even get my butt in, much less a leg) Libby and I try to look buff. She succeedes. I look silly.

This was another picture that the photo place decided we couldn't possibly want to see. However looking at the negative it seemed like I was sitting down with a twig-rat on my back and an alien-sex-goddess from Star Trek (old generation) near my feet, so I had to see it. This actually is one of my favorites, showing two of my bestest friends. Aren't these two cute?

When they want to be...

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