Here are pictures from the ski trip I took Feb 18 - Feb 23.

Janel had some free tickets for an airline because she'd been bumped. We thought it'd be fun to go out to Colorado on a ski trip over our birthdays, she being born on Feb 20, and I on Feb 21. My friend Barry lives out in Boulder and, being born on Feb 19, it seemed only appropriate to have him along for everything too. We were also joined by his friend Amy. Her birthday didn't fit, but we let her come anyway.

This was the first road test of my new digital camera, so naturally I had to go trigger happy, and you are bored enough to be witnessing the results.

Naturally when I got home I had to publish the results for friends and relatives. Being the lazy person I am, however, I wrote a perl script to do it for me. ;-)

So, click away to view the pictures

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